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30 Unique Narrative Essay Topics the Write a Best College Essay

The narrative essay in an effective way, one should try to express a particular point of view by making some supporting arguments in the favour of it, try to fill the narrative essay with the help of precise detail, never forget to use the vivid verbs and modifiers in the narrative essay, there should be a sequence like a story in the essay, and try to write down some dialogues in it.
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A narrative essay provides a chance for a student to think about himself/herself and try to explain his/her own feelings with the help of the best words. Narrative essays are considered the most important type of essays.  The best and the most important step to write a narrative essay is to select an interesting topic. In this article, I am going to share some unique narrative essay topic ideas.

Top 30 Unique narrative essay topics for the college students 

  1. My first day at college
  2. My last day at college
  3. A visit to a hill station with my college fellows
  4. A memorable journey with my college fellows
  5. A perplexing experience in my life
  6. A momentous wedding in our life
  7. A momentous funeral in my life
  8. My first day or last day at a job
  9. My first visit to the biggest city in the country
  10. My memorable journey to the countryside
  11. A memorable occasion when I experience rejection
  12. The effects and causes when I break up with my best friend
  13. My first day at a hostel or away from my sweet home
  14. Happy moments of the hostel
  15. Difficulties to face while living in a hostel
  16. A memorable day when you got a pet or got the first pet in your life
  17. A memorable day of the summer when the temperature was much higher than the expectations
  18. An act of kindness that you have done randomly and it is still in your mind
  19. A piercing experience in your life
  20. An accident that you can never forget
  21. Some grateful moments of your childhood
  22. Some typical memories of a European Road Trip
  23. An interview that you feel that it was the strangest one in your life
  24. A memorable act of cowardice in my life
  25. An inspiring teacher in my life
  26. Some memorable books or movies that have changed my views towards the life
  27. The role of television in my life
  28. My first experience of cooking
  29. A memorable and greatest conversation that I have done in my life
  30. How was I inspired by the music?

These are the most important, feasible, interesting, and attractive topic ideas for your narrative essay. When you are going to write a narrative essay, then you should also try to find a topic like this. No doubt, to find an interesting topic for the narrative essay is troublesome for the students. Anyhow, if you are not able to find an interesting topic of the narrative essay, then you can get help from the essay writing services.

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