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Instagram is a social app which allows users to share their photos and videos. Instagram was developed by Kevin Sitcom and Mike Krieger. It was launched in 2010. For its amazing features and popularity, millions of people are using it all around the world. Instagram is a tool of money, because, famous politicians, marketers, and celebrities use it.  This article informs on some tips to make money on Instagram. 

1) Increase Your Following: 

It is a successful marketing to make a long list of followers. You can follow many strategies to grow your following on Instagram. You should try to increase your following. A big quantity of followers on Instagram is an easy way to make money. It is not necessary that you should have lacks of followers on Instagram. Indeed, if you have 4000, and 3000 followers then you are able to earn money through social media.

2) Promote Other Instagram: 

It is another and best tip to make money on Instagram. Some people have money but they want to get followers. If you have many followers on Instagram, then you should promote other people Instagram accounts. In this way, you can earn money.

3) Sale Your Picture: 

If you are a good photographer and lover of nature, then you should use these skills and sale your picture on Instagram. Capture any element of nature that is attractive and upload on Instagram, then give your email id and use the hashtag. If people like your Instagram, they will contact with you. You should capture quality images and then upload. You can create informative videos related to health issues or any other issues.

4) Organize Contests Or Events: 

 Upload your daily updates and get organized related to contest and event. Give your comments about a particular event. You can draw images and boxes related to a special event and can earn money easily.

5) Affiliate Marketing On Instagram: 

It is related to the ads of other products which you will show on your Instagram. You should add the link of the product on your account. If a person will buy these products then you can make money. This is the most simple and useful way to make money on Instagram.

6) Advertise Instagram Account: 

Most people have many Instagram accounts. For example, if you have 5 Instagram accounts, then you should save 1 official account and sale other 4 accounts. Some people find a page of Instagram that is well-settled and famous. You should increase followers and then sell them.

7) Get sponsorship: 

Getting sponsorship is another best method to earn money. If you have received 3000 or more likes on your picture, then you can contact with any site to get sponsorship. or is the best websites to share a picture or write a post in order to make money. Before uploading a picture, you should use the hashtag in order to get more likes or make money. Indeed, you can use the video features as well as function to make money on Instagram. Make a video about the latest features of an app and upload it on your account in order to get likes and make money.

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Ana Rodulf is a content writer and blogger affiliated with Dissertation Writing Services. Her favorite subjects are social sciences, media, and communications as well as the latest tech trends.  

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